Book of snospis (inside)

The inside of the book of Snospis.

The Book of Snospis is a religious book that appears in Snospis Eht. It is the Bible for the Snospis Family.


The book of Snospis is a holy book for the Snospis family, and it explains how Mantra Claws invented Christmas.

In Good Captains TV: Childrens Hour, Lisa reads a segment from the book of Snospis. 

In Snospis Eht: Christmas Special: Part 01, Lisa reads a quote from Snospis: 1: 27: 396.

In Snospis Eht: Christmas Special: Part 03, a few quick quotes from the book of Snospis at the end.


  • Snospis 8:27:43:1912 the jesusman he sleign on the twelth moon leseth. he'est the snospisman of greater importance than the peasents, then the snospisman sleigh the jesusman on the 13 and month moons instead.
  • Snospis 8:27:43:1913 Be'est the jesusman he sleign on the twelthman then he of sin be taken by the mantra claws on the eve of the twelth noon.
  • Snospis 8:27:43:1914 The mantra claws be the king of vengence, he'est the beast. the sinful shall be harvested over the cracks of tourment. less'est the harvest fail for the next year.
  • Snospis 1:27:395 Although the Jesusman, he slayeth, the Mantra grows hungry for the kindness of man, and do what he can to harvest.
  • Snospis: 01:01:01The Snospisman be'est the man who is of no power and not wanting.The Snospisman is able, yet not willing.The Snospisman is not powerful yet not of power.The the Jesusman fails, the Snospisman, feasts.The Jesusman doesn't sleep in iron bridges.
  • Snospis 208:95:14 Praised be'eth the waters of the Jesusman



Trivia Edit

  • The bizarre practices that the Tyksrrians use to worship the Jesus-man might be syncretic practices (or heresies) from their bygone native religion. This might have suggested that Tyksrr was isolated from the rest of the world for a long time, resulting in a gradual distortion of the local Christian faith, to the point that "Tyksrrian Christianity" has become very different.