This is "Twilight", a horse.

Horses (Esperanto: ĉevalo; (plural) ĉevaloj) are large, four-legged, mammals that eat plants.


Horses in Snospis Eht tend to have colourful coats, manes, and tails. Some horses may develop wings on their sides, or a single horn on their foreheads. They also tend to paw on the ground.

Horses are sometimes slaughtered for their meat, which is sold as food in the Kwik-E Mart.

Wild horses occasionally wander around the Snospis HouseLisa warned Marge that "horses are ferociously violent," when Marge wanted to catch a live horse just outside the house. Marge refuses to listen to her, and so approaches the horse from behind, who kicks her in the face. Because of this, Marge dislikes horses, describing them as "evil beasts".

The show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" involves horses.




  • You will be assimilated into the herd

    These horses are too strange to considered as actual horses: who knows the threat that they can pose to horsekind?

    The horses in Snospis Eht resemble characters from the 2010 children's show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", a show that Andywilson92 is fond of.