Mouse Tails Ernie Hudsons Crystal Meth Vodka

Mouse Tails Ernie Hudsons Crystal Meth Vodka

Mouse Tails: Ernie Hudsons Crystal Meth Vodka' 'is an episode of Mouse Tails. It was uploaded on 21st September 2011. It is preceded by Filling Time a Mouse Tails adventure or somthing, and is followed by Mouse Tails Episode 04: The Adventure Begins?.


The episode starts with Mouse Tails remarking upon the excellent quality of the cheese that he is eating, and also how his Ernie Hudson's Crystal Meth Vodka is chilled to perfection. He then picks up his pipe, which is filled with only the finest tobacco. He also remarks upon how his hat fits perfectly on his head. Not long later, Mouse Tails gets annoyed by the music that is playing in the background and throws his computer on the floor.


The video took around 4 hours to animate, 25 minutes to render and another hour in Sony Vegas to add subtitles[1].


  • Andywilson92 stated in a YouTube comment in the video that the Mouse Tails that appears in this episode is apparently called "Mouse Tails 2.0"