Mouse Tails 02 Mr Fishly

Mouse Tails 02 Mr Fishly

is the second episode of Mouse Tails. It was uploaded on 10th January 2011


The episode starts with Mouse Tails standing in a mountainous area, drinking a can of Coca cola. Suddenly, appears and takes Mouse Tails to a building. Inside the building, Mouse Tails says that he doesn't think that left his umbrella there. Mouse Tails breathes a heavy sigh and inquires about Magic Mouse. then says something and the episode ends with the narrator saying:

"Oh dear! Well Magic Mouse may be in prison and Mouse Tails may be out of work. But at least they've both got their health. Join us next time, boys and girls, where Mouse Tails will quit the corporate rat race, or should I say fish race and try to find himself a nice mouse girlfriend. See you next time !"



  • This episode is the first apperance of Wonder Mouse.
  • In October 2014, Andywilson92 added subtitles to this video [1].