Mouse tails BEE attack!

Mouse tails BEE attack!

mouse tails: BEE attack! is an episode of Andywilson92's Mouse Tails. It was uploaded on 9th March 2011.


Mouse Tails is watching his favourite show on television, when he suddenly gets and urgent phone call from the mayor informing him that the city is under attack by bees. Mouse Tails says that he cannot save the day because he is too busy watching his favourite show on television and he doesn't care if the city gets attacked by bees. Mouse Tails then decided that he should empty out his bucket of urine, so he empties it out all over the floor. Mouse Tails then realises that he is hungry, and he decides to go and get something to eat before everyone dies. Mouse Tails enters a shop, and asks the shopkeeper if he has anything to sell. The Inkajoo shopkeeper makes a distorted shrieking noise in reply. Mouse Tails then says "What the f*ck was that ?", which insults the shopkeeper and makes him leave, crashing throught he wall.. Mouse Tails notices some doritos on the floor and takes them with him. 

At the end of the episode, Mouse Tails is watching television and eating doritos. Magic Mouse appears, and Mouse Tails notices him.