A Christian priest or pastor.

This article is about religion in Snospis Eht.

Religion in the Snospis familyEdit

Book of snospis (inside)

The inside of the book of Snospis.

The religion of the Snospis family is uncertain, as they do not often state which religion they are. They worship a deity known as Mantra Claws, and their holy book is Book of Snospis, an ancient book explaining many of the Snospis traditions. They also observe some Christian traditions, such as Christmas, and they revere Jesus Christ, which they refer to as "the Jesusman", suggesting that they may have followed a syncretic form of Christianity.

Religion in Mouse TailsEdit


Magic Mouse seen dressed in Jewish clothing, wearing a kippah and an armband with the Seal of Solomon on it.

In Mouse Tails: Catholic Prison School Camp., Mouse Tails recalled his abusive time in a Catholic religious school in Mexico.

In Mouse Tails: Episode 267 : HERR Fishly.Magic Mouse is Jewish, however in Mouse Tails: 101 Magic MiceMouse Tails says that he is "a good Christian mouse".


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