Snospis Comic 2009 is a Snospis Eht comic from 2009, and the third and final part of the comic series, "The Retarded Adventures of Lisa Simpson". It is preceded by Raols Issue 2, and is followed by Snospis Eht "the modern american family.



Homer returns home from work and greets Marge. Homer asks Marge where the children are, to which Marge replies "in their cages". Homer asks Marge what they are eating for dinner, and Marge tells him that they are eating pork chops. Homer says that he loves pork chops, and Marge tells homer she loves him. Ten minutes later, Homer and Marge hear a strange noise. Homer asks what the noise is, and Marge tells him that Bart and Lisa need changing again. Marge goes down to the basement to change them. Meanwhile, back upstairs, Homer goes to check on Ned Flanders. When Homer goes to Flanders' house, he accidentally walks into  Ned and Maud getting dressed. Homer apologises and leaves.

Meanwhile, back in the basement, Marge has just finished changing Lisa and Bart. Lisa then decides to cut herself with a razor blade. Meanwhile, Homer is late for work, and decides to ride Bart, which he calls "the bartmobile". Homer rides Bart to work, and comes across Mr Burns. Back at the Snospis House, Lisa goes to see how Maggie is, and asks her how the "murder trade" is doing. Maggie replies that she killed Ralph Wiggum. Maggie opens the fridge and it is empty. The comic ends with Lisa and Maggie going to the Kwik-E-Mart to buy food.