Snospis Eht: Little Marge: 02 is the fifteenth episode of andywilson92's "Snospis Eht" series. It is preceded by Snospis Eht: Christmas Special: Part 03 and is followed by Snospis Eht: Little Marge:Part 03.

Snospis Eht- Little Marge- 02

Snospis Eht- Little Marge- 02

Plot Edit

Following the events of Snospis Eht: Little Marge, Marge was digging a hole outside her house when her mother tells her to come indoors, to ensure that she will avoid being eaten by wolves in nightfall. At dusk Marge's mother tells her that Mr. Hitler will stay with them for a few days, as his Volkswagen Benz fell into one of their holes outside the house.

On a table at the corner, a candle lights up, revealing Mr. Hitler. He greets her and asks her whether she had a nice day at school. He then asks her to go to her bed.

At sunrise, Marge was asleep in a basement and her mother tells her to wake up. She asks her mother about the identity of the "actor", which her mother replies that the "actor" was an "old, evil wolf". A wolf walks down the stairs, frightening Marge and causing her to melt in terror.

Marge awakens from her nightmare and runs up the stairs into the living room. She asks her mother on whether she can go to school today. Her mother states that today, she and Mr. Hitler will instead deliver cabbages to the merchant today. Mr. Hitler tells her to come with him and leave now, "before the night rises again".

The story continues in Snospis Eht: Little Marge:Part 03.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode was created partially with 2-D animating for the wolf in Marge's nightmare.
  • DukeLovesYou voiced Mr. Hitler for this episode.
  • Andywilson92 explained about several details in replies to his viewers: