is an episode in andywilson92's "Snopsis Eht" series. It is preceded by Snospis Eht: Little Marge:Part 03 and is followed by Snospis Eht: Ned.

Snospis Eht Marges Day Part 01

Snospis Eht Marges Day Part 01


In the kitchen of the Snospis HouseMarge emerges from a fridge, and looks around. She reads a note on the fridge about Bart's attendance at Mouse Tails Camp for the summer, and angrily states that Lisa has left her for Mantra Claus.

Maggie enters the kitchen and sits on a table. Marge mentions to her that they are the only people in the Snospis House, and Maggie daydreams of herself knocking Marge's head with a teapot and raping her. They watch "Mouse Tails" together at the basement. Marge notices Maggie's "HorseFuckers Monthly" magazine, and tells her that they will go out to buy horsemeat. They board a train from the Snospis Family's Station behind their house.


  • According to a post in andywilson92's Tumblr account, this episode is set in the year 2057.
  • The note on the fridge may suggest that the Snospis House is located somewhere in "Tyksrr", as Bart has to be sent to a rehabilitation facility in the Capital as "doing your nation a service". It was scrawled with red and black text, inviting Bart to come to Mouse Tails Camp, which Bart signed.
  • The music in the background is "Funeral Ridge" by Andywilson92 (

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