The Snospis Family is a household in Snospis Eht.


Homer: The patriarch of the Snospis family, Homer is portrayed as hard-working and abused by his boss Ned Flanders.

Marge: The mother of the family. Marge is insane and speaks with a loud shreiking voice. She often drinks alcohol and dislikes coffee.

Bart: The oldest child of Homer and Marge. Bart is often seen laying unconcious in his bedroom. Homer often rides on his back, crushing him under his weight.

Lisa: The middle child of the Snospis family. In early episodes lisa is seen naked, emaciated and smoking a cigar. Lisa is often portrayed as the voice of reason, advising Marge not to do her strange ideas, although Lisa is often prone to unusal behaviour herself. Lisa often spends her time playing video games in the basement with Marge.

Maggie: The youngest family member. Maggie is irritable and often vandalises things out of anger. She is often seen with Marge, when she is shopping at the Kwik-E-Mart.


The family consists of five members: Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie. Homer and Marge are the parents, and Lisa, Bart and Maggie are their children.

They live in the Snospis House.